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How it Works

How it Works

Customer Testimonials

Explore what parents are saying about Zemcar

  • Parent 1

    David [Renewable Energy Developer]

    "I travel frequently and the logistics of my busy teenagers is a constant stressor for our family. Now that we use Zemcar drivers, everyone is happier."

  • Parent 2

    Melanie [Technology & Engineering Teacher]

    "I am so thrilled to have a family-friendly ride share option now. As a busy parent of two kids, I can't tell you how much time I've spent finding, vetting, and hiring family-friendly drivers on my own...only to have to do it all over again virtually every year because people graduate, change jobs, or move. I love that Zemcar does all this work for me. I've had great experiences with Zemcar so far and am excited to help them helps them out, it helps the drivers out, and it helps our family out. A win-win all around."

  • Aura [Parent of 15 yr old teen]

    "I signed up as soon as I heard about Zemcar. Now that I am using the service, the logistics of taking my daughter to her dance practices are so much easier. I'm so excited that this great concept is here in Boston."

Meet the Drivers

Zemcar drivers love working with families on a repeat basis. Work is enjoyable with good company in the backseat. Feel like a superhero when you relieve the stress of a family's chaotic lifestyle. Meet a few of our Greater Boston area drivers.

team member

Roseane S.

Super Mom & Volunteer Youth Mentor

I love the activity of a busy family. Growing up with 11 siblings made our house a little crazy and fun! Life in Lexington with my husband and 2 children is quiet by comparison. My prior work has included being a nanny and working in the hospitality industry.  I hope to use my caring attitude and experience to give your children the safe and high quality service I would want my own family to have.  You deserve it! A few fun things you might want to know about me – I speak Portuguese fluently and in my spare time I love hosting and working with teens from my church.

team member

Ivy J.

Computer Science Geek turned Nanny

I’m the proud mom of two grown daughters and recently became a grandmother. Though I have lived in Boston for decades, I am originally from Grenada "the isle of spice." As a local nanny, I’ve had the opportunity to help several families raise their children. One local mom calls me the “baby whisperer.” I feel like I prepare the future generation and put my all into my nanny children. Together we love to laugh, be active around town and enjoy the fresh air. One thing people might not know about me is that I have an associate degree in computer science.

team member


Retired Marketing Consultant and Paraglider

With a lifelong love of meeting people and travel adventures, riding with Rolf is always enjoyable! After recently retiring from his own creative marketing company, the idea of getting to know more families in his beloved Boston neighborhood had a lot of appeal. In his spare time, you might see Rolf riding his Vespa around town or sipping coffee and relaxing with friends. Three words that come to mind to describe Rolf – calming, charming and timeless.

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