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Zemcar is transforming the way we think about safe rides for the entire family

From start to finish, Zemcar is focused on the safety and security of our riders

Zemcar was built so families could enjoy the convenience and flexibility that rideshare companies provide without compromising the safety of their most precious cargo. It all starts with our ZemDriver onboarding process.

Every ZemDriver undergoes an extensive and thorough process that ensure they’re qualified to drive minors. Each ZemDriver applicant is first screened via a video interview. Before joining the platform, each ZemDriver has to watch our safety education and app literacy videos and pass multiple quizzes to ensure they’re ready for anything the road could throw at them. Lastly, before an applicant can start driving, they must pass a multi-tiered background check and pass an in-person coaching session by meeting a member of our operations team. This includes a vehicle check and a run through of Zemcar’s rules of the road and safety tips.

Additionally, our app is chalk full of safety features designed to give parents peace of mind. It starts with the Circle of Trust that allows you to build your own network of potential drivers based on their profile. When you go to book a ride, you can assign supervisors for adult-to-adult handoff and one-time pickup permissions that ensure your rider reaches their driver and destination safely. With Zemcar, you can track the ride on a map in the app or watch the ride on a live video feed, an industry first.

With geo-fenced routes, one of our customer care representatives is alerted if a ride veers off its predetermined route and contacts the driver to ensure everything is going smoothly with the ride. Finally, riders are provided a panic button in the Zemcar app in the event they become under duress during the ride. If the child presses the panic button, the parents are alerted via text and a Zemcar support specialist is notified.

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